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About Us

ISAT-U Alumni Association, Inc., EST 2012

One Big and Super Creative Family

ISAT-U Alumni Association, Inc.

A non-stock, non-profit organization supporting the ideals of her Alma mater , the Iloilo Science and Technology University, subscribing to education, particularly in technological and scientific as a means of individual and social advancement of alumni through updated information dissemination.


Excellent and quality education is a shared responsibility of all stakeholders who have invested in its attainment and realization. ISAT U recognizes the significant part each stakeholder performs knowing that all its achievement could not come into fruition without all their combined contributions no matter how big or small. ISAT U excellence comes from its visionary leaders, well-trained faculty and staff, cutting edge resources and facilities, responsive community, generous alumni and an enabling learning environment. 

Human development towards poverty reduction and sustainable development are the shared societal goals of higher education institutions, goals which ISAT U puts into heart. Hence, efforts in its major final outputs like research, extension, and instruction are directly contributory to these goals. 

While the current pandemic is a major blow towards these efforts, it is nevertheless an opportunity to be creative and innovative. ISAT University laid the groundwork by venturing into contextualized and technology – driven approaches. This way, its services were able to reach out beyond the confines of education towards a more responsive community initiatives which are highly and urgently needed.

Everything is a continuous process. This time, the transcendental challenge to higher education institutions (HEI) particularly to state universities and colleges (SUC) is not simply to continue its normal operations but to thrive and be relevant. This means concerted efforts towards sustainable initiatives that will positively impact the people in the communities, the marginalized, and the vulnerable sectors. 

ISAT University is mindful of its role and remains steadfast in its Vision.


ISAT U continuously endeavors a relentless pursuit of excellent education instigating a perpetual thirst for learning among its student. At ISAT U, instruction is focused on teaching students to live a life and not just to earn a livelihood. ISAT U is a cradle that nurtures the students to build their values as a better person, recognize their role and responsibilities in society and work earnestly to realize their dreams. 

The years bear witness to the steady progress and growth of ISAT U in both its tangible and intangible assets thereby cementing its status as one of the best performing science and technology universities in the country.


Accredited programs (as of 2019)

Level 1 – 0

Level 2 – 25

Level 3 – 10 

Total Number of Accredited Programs = 35

Total Number of Accreditable Programs = 35 

Overall Accredited programs = 35 or 100%


Campus 2017-2018  2018-2019 2019-2020 
Iloilo City Campus 6387 7073 7257
Barotac Nuevo 630 741 991
Dumangas Campus  559 596 656
Leon Campus 920 1006 1073
Miagao 2572 2801 2661
Total 11068 12217 12617
Campus 2018 2019 2020
Iloilo City Campus 1,878 1987 1212
Barotac Nuevo 174 337 188
Dumangas Campus  178 262 100
Leon Campus 356 336 170
Miagao 636 1159 355
Total 3,222 4081 2025
  Tertiary Education Subsidy  (Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act of 2017 /  RA10931)  Student Availment per Campus 
Campus (First Semester, AY 2019-2020) (First Semester, AY 2020-2021)
Iloilo City 5,944 7,063
Barotac Nuevo  835 1,168
Dumangas  627 847
Miagao  2,661 3,315
Leon  1,073 1,217
GRAND TOTAL 11,140 13,610
  Faculty and Staff Profile  Summary of Manpower
Positions 2019 2020 2021
Teaching 460 454 469
Non-teaching 152 153 168
TOTAL Permanent 612 607 637
Teaching 183 193 208
Non-Teaching 63 63 78
Total Non-permanent 246 256 286
GRAND TOTAL 858 863 923
  Educational Attainment 
Educational Attainment 2019 2020 2021
Doctoral Degree (Ph. D. /Ed.D.) 66 70 82
Masters Degree 368 366 377
Bachelors Degree 26 18 10
TOTAL 460 454 469
  Academic Rank
Academic Rank 2019 2020 2021
University Professor 1    
Professor 16 13 18
Associate Professor  114 169 166
Assistant Professor 183 124 125
Instructor 146 148 209
TOTAL 460 454 518
  Matrix of Manpower across University System (2020)
Campus Faculty Administrative Personnel Job Order Personnel
Iloilo City Campus 270 82 110
Barotac Nuevo 38 19 11
Dumangas Campus  31 17 14
Leon Campus 34 18 8
Miagao 108 20 46
TOTAL 481 156 189

ISAT U puts into top priority the provision of an environment that assures a suitable and conducive space to learn. The infrastructure project of the university is not only a showcase of its growth but also an enabling factor to an effective school system that delivers an improved education outcomes through a congenial and synchronic flow of its services. 

ISAT U invests in state-of-the-art and pioneering infrastructure and technology to facilitate better instruction, deliver well-organized services, pioneer research and development, improve educational outcomes and lead to the further progression of the university. 

Ongoing Major Projects (FY 2020)

Campus Project Cost
Iloilo City Campus 181,185,014.98
Barotac Nuevo 13,742,392.22
Dumangas Campus  27,481,317.57
Leon Campus 7,948, 320.07
Miagao 18,320,718.16
Iloilo City Campus
Name of Project Project Cost
Construction of Access Route  Php 14,959, 567.28
Completion of University Library ₱40,000,000
Construction of Student Services Building –Phase 1 ₱30,000,000
Completion of TLE Center ₱11, 265,880.42
Construction of Access Route  Php 14,959, 567.28
Completion of University Library ₱40,000,000
Construction of Student Services Building  ₱30,000,000
TOTAL 181,185,014.98
Barotac Nuevo Campus
Name of Project Project Cost
Construction of PWD Ramp and Access Route 2,185,443.74
Completion of Industrial Technology Bldg 11,271871.32
Repair of Stock Room 199,995.04
Repair of CR of Audio Visual Room and Electrical Connections 85,082.12
Construction of Study Shed 150, 807.14
TOTAL 13,742,392.22
Dumangas Campus 
Name of Project Project Cost
Rehabilitation of Administrative Building and Improvement of Function Hall  P4, 750,000
Completion of Multi-purpose Hall 7,754,743.44
Rehabilitation of Academic Building 14, 540, 689.83
Repair of Stock Room 199,995.04
Repair of CR of Audio Visual Room and Electrical Connections 85,082.12
Construction of Study Shed 150, 807.14
TOTAL 27,481,317.57
Leon Campus
Name of Project Project Cost
Rehabilitation and Expansion of Covered Gym  7,948,320.07
Miagao Campus
Name of Project Project Cost
Rehabilitation and Improvement of Administrative Bldg  Php14, 223, 724.25
Repair & Maintenance of Various Buildings 
  • Repair of Bldg C (Canteen) Roofing
  • Waterproofing of Roof Deck(Bldg F) & Painting Roofing (Bldg H)
  • Rehabilitation of Motorcycle Lane & Parking Area
P 1,007,927.05    
Additional Work for the Renovation of Civil Technology Building (Building K) – Regional Yarn Production & Innovation Center (RYPIC ) Bldg P 1,825,990.60
Renovation of Library & Computer Laboratory Room floor tiles P 1,263,076.26
TOTAL 18,320,718.16

The scope of the research and extension development programs of the university permeates far beyond the area of education. Aside from its core objective of expanding the body of knowledge, researches of the university greatly aim for deep technology startups, technology business incubation, technology transfer, and community adaptation. Senior scientists of the university are engaged in science and technology researches aligned with the harmonized national research and development agenda thereby gaining external partnerships and grants from funding agencies all across the globe. 

At the same time, extension projects also delves into initiatives centering in community organization, education, socio-economic, health and nutrition, environmental and other social services programs  that promote inclusive growth and sustainable development in the community. 

(prioritize pics of scientists)

Externally Funded Research Grant (FY 2020)

Project Title (On-Going) Researcher/s Estimated Amount
Characterization  and Biocompatibility Assessment of the Extracted Hyaluronic Acid (Phase 2) Dr. Bernadeth F. Ticar 6,690,000.00
Multi-Powered Drying System for Food Processing Dr. Renerio Mucas et al. 1,000,000.00
Bioactive Hyaluronic Acid from Heads of Silver Banded Whiting for Nutraceutical Use (phase I) Dr. Bernadeth F. Ticar 4,330,078.00
Design, Fabrication, and Evaluation of a Water Driven S-Turbine Pump Engr. Salvador M. Senorio 857,850.00
Valorization of Brown Seaweeds through Alginate Extraction for fruit and Fish Postharvest Preservation  Prof. Hilario S. Taberna 6,677,591.40
Rescue Boat  Engr. Salvador M. Senorio 220,000.00
Development of Green Packaging Technology using Eco-Friendly Materials for Rice and other commodities Dr. Yvette E. Gelogo Engr. Zumel C. Cadenas 4,929,172.00
Design and Development of a Programmable Dehydrator Machine for Herbal Tea Products Dr. Renerio Mucas 4,993,905.00
Pilot Testing of Hybrid Solar Powered Dehydrator Machine for Processing of Agri-Products Dr. Renerio S. Mucas Prof. Hilario S. Taberna Jr Dr. Nemia H. Mabaquaio Ms. Vanessa Mae D. Supapo 5,000,000.00
Upgrading of Environmental Research and Analytical Laboratory under Research Development Hub of Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) Prof. Hilario S. Taberna Jr. 5,697,600.00
Development of Food and Health Supplements from Bioactive Fucoidans Dr. Bernadeth F. Ticar 235,000.00
Management of Unified Control and Automated System for Smart Hydroponics Greenhouse Dr. Renerio S. Mucas Prof. Hilario S. Taberna Jr. Ms. Vanessa Mae D. Supapo 1,500,000.00
Procurement of Research and Laboratory and Supplies and Equipment Prof. Hilario S. Taberna 3,000,000.00
Extraction, Characterization & Biodiversity Conservation of Marine-Sources Bioactive Natural Polysaccharides as potential functional ingredients of Food & Nutraceuticals Dr. Bernadeth F. Ticar 13,000,000.00
Total   58,131,196.40  ??? check this
Ongoing Researches (AY 2020)
Center Total
Center for Technology Research and Development 32
Center for Natural Sciences Research and Development 33
Center for Humanities and Social Sciences 43
Extension Programs and Initiatives (FY 2020)
Area of Extension Programs Amount  No. of Beneficiaries
Community Organization 19,400.00 1,584
Socio – Economic  176,000.00 723
Health and Nutrition  1,433,789 36213
Monitoring and Evaluation 3,500.00 540
TOTAL 1,632,689.00 + 39, 060 +
Intellectual Property Prosecution Performed (2018-2019) Patent Search – 13 Patent Draft – 14 Patent Prosecution – 7 Copyrights – 5

As part of the Learning Continuity Plan of the University, ISAT U launched a Virtual Learning Environment (ISAT U VLE). The principal components of a VLE package include curriculum mapping, student tracking, online support for both teacher and student, electronic communication, and Internet links to outside curriculum resources. Electronic tablets were also distributed as part of the university’s commitment to bridge the gap of remote learning and to augment the learning experiences of the students in the absence of face-to-face class interaction.

  • adaptation of the ISAT U Virtual Learning Environment as the platform of learning for the students
  • provision of 5,416 units of electronic tablets with learning packets for the students

Community Projects

These trying times of pandemic calls for an immediate and responsive measures and ISAT U never falters to deliver its service even far beyond the call of duty. With the collaborative effort of ISAT U, LGU, benevolent donors, partner agencies and community, research and extension services facilitated initiatives to help battle the pandemic. 

We Can Be Better! This is the code behind all our efforts. It is a recognition of the fact that our institution is uniquely positioned to help and look after the welfare not only of our front liners but the rest of our community stakeholders as well. It is an ongoing challenge to all individuals and organizations to be better despite difficulty and uncertainty. This is the ISAT U Way.

  • production of improvised 13,307 face mask, 1,952 face shields and 51 aerosol boxes for the community, hospitals and other beneficiaries in Iloilo, Aklan, Antique, Capiz and Palawan
  • cutting of PPE’s (hazmat suits for front liners)
  • utilization of FabLab and research facilities for the prototyping of ventilators, ultraviolet (UVC) sterilizers, and swab booth for the front-liners
  • construction of wash areas and foot operated hand sanitizer in the campuses
  • conduct of ISAT U Community kitchen extension project 
  • training on the production of at least 70% isopropyl alcohol, liquid hand soap hand sanitizer gel making
  • provision of allowance and transportation expenses for the on-the-job students stranded in the NCR and CALABARZON areas
  • online livelihood training for different community partners
  • training on online teaching-learning for faculty members and partner elementary schools

Institutional Achievements (Page 1 together with intro)


PRIME HRM Maturity Level II by the Civil Service Commission 2018


Emerald Award by AJA Registrars Inc. for being ISO Certified for 3 cycles 2019

Center for Development in Teacher Education for College of Education 2020

CHED PH Edutourism Project Awardee for the ISAT U Cultural Heritage and Education Research Center: An Edu-Tourism Project 2020


First Place on the National Covid -19 Response and Innovations for the ISAT U – DTI FabLab 2021


TOP 4 – Highest number of Level III AACCUP Accredited Programs for SUCs in the Philippines 2020

Internalization Award 2021 by CHED 


Prof. Julito C. Aligaen, the Campus Administrator of Leon Campus won the 2018 Wenhui Award by UNESCO-APEID for his study “Organic Agriculture Project Integration in Basic Education through Student Field School.” 

Armando T. Tayoba II ranked 10th in the PRC Special Professional Licensure Examination (SPLE) for Architects with his 80.30 % rating. 

Red Duane V. Oligo, a BIT – CT student, won the Grand Prize in the T-shirt Art Design Category of the 2018 Vision Petron National Student Art Competition. 

BSA Alumni Mr. Noel M. Elicana was the Grand Awardee Oil/Acrylic on Canvas Category in the 2018 Metrobank Art and Design Excellence (MADE) Competition and Mr. Roland F. Llarena received a Special Citation Awardee. BIT ADT alumnus Mr. Alex Pampag Ordoyo won Grand Prize Award for Water Media on Paper Category. 


Dr. Raul F. Muyong was elected President of RASUC VI

Mrs. Enieda C. Corona, Chief Administrative Officer, was elected President of National PMASUC.

Partum Multimedia League bagged the Championship in the FOI Philippines Celebration of the International Day for Universal Access to Information of the Short Film Production Contest 

Alumnus Edmar Tacuel won the Gold Medal in the 30th SEA Games Pencak Silat Seni Tunggal Male

Dr. Lino Baldevarona served as Asst. International Technical Delegate of the Pencak Silat event

Chris Allen N. Taclino won the Gold Medal in IT Network System Administration during the 2019 Regional Skills Competition.

Members of the Partum Multimedia League –ISAT U bagged the Championship in the FOI Philippines Celebration of the International Day for Universal Access to Information of the Short Film Production Contest 

Engr. Alecar S. Prado was conferred Filipino ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer by the Professional Regulations Commission at Manila on September 13, 2019


BSELT Alumni Mr. Gio Asher T. Tagabi was chosen as a member for the second batch of Filipino satellite builders of the University of the Philippines (UP) Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (EEEI) who will be trained in nanosatellite engineering. 

ISAT U student bloggers John Eliakim Azor V. Custodio, Lara A. Taclima and June Cedy D. Balsamo ISAT U were First Place Winners in the Kopertip International Blogging Contest 2020 with their project “Addressing Plastic Problems for Clean Environment and Healthy Communities.”


Alumni Engr. Edwin C. Figueroa, Engr. June N. Garanchon, Engr., Engr. Arnel N. Mañas, Engr. Ferdinand S. Pedrajas and VPAF Dr. Gabriel M. Salistre, Jr. passed the Professional Electrical Engineer (PEE) Exam by PRC.


In 2018, ISAT U engages in SEAMEO Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia (SEA Teacher) Program by sending three fourth year education students to Thailand for their practicum. ISAT U also hosted three Indonesian students from Tanjungpura University and Lambung Mangkurat University, and one Thai from Khon Kaen University for their teaching experiences. ISAT U also sent an additional 22 students to different partner institutions in Indonesia and Thailand to undergo internship as part of the SEAMEO Polytechnic Network cross-country internship program. Partner universities for the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) internship exchange students programs are Bogor Agricultural University, State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya, Politeknik Piksi Ganesha Bandung, STIKI Malang, and Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya.

The SEAMEO Student Exchange Programs continues in 2019 when 14 local and 14 foreign students from Indonesia and Thailand were accepted for cross- country training. Later the same year, another batch of 25 local and 19 foreign students from Indonesia were accepted for cross- country training under the SEAMEO SEA TVET student exchange programs. Students from ISAT U were deployed to Indonesia and Malaysia. 

ISAT U partnered with the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Sasebo College Japan for international cooperation in education and a mutually cooperative relationship through meaningful science and technology programs, activities and collaborations that can create an impact in various communities in the Philippines and Japan especially during this time of the pandemic.