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Telephone: 320 71 90 local 105

Mrs. Maylene H. Provido

OIC Director, Alumni Affairs and Relations

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develops overall strategies of the Alumni Affairs and Relations for the attainment of the office goals and objectives.
  • Supervises and monitors alumni functions/events/activities with special responsibility for facilitating local chapters, alumni publications, resource generation programs, recognition and awards, reunions, homecoming and other special events, activities and services.
  • Assesses the university involvement in student recruitment, community outreach programs, as well as events and benefit programs.
  • Establishes connections with alumni to advocate exchange of ideas on academic and social issues, and resource generation program.
  • Oversees the activities of alumni affairs and relations coordinators, staff, and volunteers;
  • Monitors the financial standing and performance of alumni affairs relations program; makes appropriate changes to the alumni affairs relations programs if needed, especially when budget constraints are concerned.
  • Collaborate with the ILDO, PIO, Parents Affairs and Relations, Marketing and Promotion, NIA Office, different colleges, the Alumni Association, and the higher management of the University in the preparation, facilitation and implementation of the Alumni Affairs and Relations Office’s programs, projects and activities.
  • Perform other responsibilities assigned by the VPEA as deemed necessary and related to achievement of the Office goals